Wednesday, September 25

The beat.

There's once, someone told me.

The sound that can only be heard while 2 are standing in the middle of 2 busy highways, is the voice of heart.

The voice of heart led me to an unusual pathway, but brought me beyond happiness. Now the endless joy has to come to an end.

Will you be there at the other end of rainbow?

Waiting to be continued. Somewhere. Sometime.

Monday, September 2


Hey I ve reached Moscow safely.
I don't know where I misplaced my passes.
I haven't registered myself yet.
And I need to move again by next month and I need to look out for new units.
I have not unpacked either pack my clothes yet and my wardrobe is a mess.
I got sick in this critical moment and my classes are damn far north up.

The place that I thought its gonna be my home .
The person that I thought m gonna spend a lifetime together.

Seems like m losing them all. When are all these come to an end?

I might be alone but one by one.. I can do this.

Sunday, August 25


Thought that i would ve need the time of 100th.

wake up and look back then move forward. I was the worst and thats not happening again.